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Thank you for sponsoring one of the most exquisite musical performances I’ve ever seen at ASA!. Your friend Anders is an amazing composer. Everyone I talked to seemed to enjoy his extraordinary talents and creativity. We need more of this kind of shows. Thanks again for the wonderful gift.

Andy, attendee at the Academy Village concert, Tucson, AZ.

What a magical performance! I figured out how to watch the Millenium Stage webcast on this sunny Easter day and I am so very proud for you because you are awesome! A wonderful choice of pianist to accompany you! A fantastic array of "saxonphony" selections, even a couple of tangos with the couple dancing on one of them. WOW! Congratulations!

Patricia, concert viewer.

 What a very cool event. If you financially advise like you play, I will surelybe a rich man.

Brack, client and concert attendee

That was a wonderful performance yesterday!  Who knew -- I certainly didn't -- of the amazing diversity of music for the saxophone?  Your pianist was equally astonishing -- such lyrical grace in her playing! 

Jim&Dianne, concert attendees

Nice to see you yesterday at the KC.  Happy you recognized me in the crowd. What a fantastic performance you gave us!   First class. You have a great future in the musical world,  I'm sure.

Hal, concert attendee

 "You do Bach justice!"

Guy Carter, Pastor, St. James Ev. Luth. Ch., Brogue/PA 

"Your performance was a splendid accomplishment and I sat in awe all the way through because of your extraordinary saxophone playing and Myriam's excellent and expressive musicianship. The two of you play extremely well together. It was a sheer pleasure to hear you, and I hope to have a chance to see and hear you soon again. Best wishes."
Jorgen Pettersson,
Stockholm Saxophone Quartet, Sweden

"Your opening note on the Ave Maria was breath-takingly beautiful as was your interpretation through-out. And I had to smile a lot at the Norman Rockwell-esque scene of a German and a Swede playing the hell out of "Stars and Stripes Forever" -- a lovely piece of Americana fit for the cover of "Life" Magazine."
Ron Giles,
Glenmoore, PA

"Thank you for participating in last night's phenomenally successful event! Everybody I spoke with was bowled over by it."
Carl Banner,
Washington Musica Viva

"Thank you again for playing [my piece] Pasos Gatunos... You both gave the piece the verve and energy I was hoping for...I certainly felt gratified to see that other people enjoyed hearing it, and I have you and Anders to thank for that!"
Michael Strand,
Composer, Washington, DC

"Just wanted to tell you how informative and fun it has been to surf through [your website]! Great playing - tons of good information and fun with the fun stuff! Cheers,"
Julia Nolan,
University of British Columbia
Western Washington University

"Thank you for including us in your very enjoyable concert. Your artistry and imagination were exceptional. You made the other "Lundegard" proud."
Robert Lundegard,
Falls Church, VA

"Thank you so much for the wonderful evening last night. Congratulations! It was wonderful. I enjoyed the music thoroughly, and found myself totally transported by the music. Many congratulations to you and the pianist. You're a wonderful saxophon player and composer. Thank you for giving us this wonderful music."
Venecia, concert attendee

"We didn't try to break into the crush around either of you, but we wanted you to know that it was (in case you hadn't been told) a fabulous performance! We enjoyed the music so very much, and were so pleased for you that it was a great and very responsive crowd. And the crowd had a lot to respond to. What music you made! It was memorable, and a lot of fun. Thanks for doing it."
Fondly, Linda and Eric,
concert attendees

"Many thanks for a tremendous performance with Myriam Avalos, who also deserves compliments. I did enjoy the concert a lot."
Ossi Rahkonen,
Finlandia Foundation National

"I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon concert yesterday. Both you and Myriam are extremely talented and it is wonderful that you share your gifts with us. This was my first concert of classical sax. I like your composition of the fjords. I imagine the long Viking ships slicing through the fog as they emerge from the fjords. BTW, with your breath control, you can be a great free diver. Wow! You made the sax sounds just like a cello. Myriam is a very fine lady, pianist and so accomplished as well. You two are a wonderful team."
Camilla, concert attendee

"Anders, I enjoyed the concert beyond my expectations. I was not at all familiar with the saxophone playing classical music. It was gorgeous! I must tell you that I found your composition magnificent! Thank you for inviting me to hear such glorious music."
Patricia, concert attendee

Fabian Faccio, Argentine pianist, and Anders Lundegård, Swedish classical saxophonist, presented a rousing and fiery all-Piazzolla tango performance, blending together seamlessly.

John Bentel, The State Magazine, U.S. Department of State.

The [Partita in a minor for flute by J.S. Bach ] work was performed in a stylistically accurate way with correct melodic shape, nuances and phrasing, à la Baroque. Anders managed to create something one calls hidden counterpoint, an old trick that involves the soloist handing his instrument in a specific way, manages to get the audience to perceive two separate melodies instead of one.....

Its [Edvard Grieg's Sonata for Violin and piano op. 45] performance was proof of the two musician's sensibility, feeling for poetry, style and correct instrumental balance. The concert's exotic guest Myriam Avalos proved to be a pianist of high caliber, both as an accompanist and as a soloist. She managed to give support to the saxophones plastic motion and thereby enhance its expressiveness.... She, as well as her partner, shows great musical promise, as they are well on their way to realize the dream of becoming the muse Musica’s humble servants.
The duo finished the concert with Astor Piazolla's Le Grand Tango, presented with typical Argentinean melancholy hidden behind a veil of irony.."
Ladis Müller,
Smålandsposten, Sweden

"To a sold out house at the Washington Musica Viva studio in Kensington, Maryland, Carl Banner (pianist) and Anders Lundegard (soprano saxophone) presented three engaging premiere compositions. Grahn, a Swedish composer who in 1973 founded the DC-based Contemporary Music Forum and who attended the world premiere performance, said the saxophone acts as a chameleon, sometimes sounding like the viola...Lundegard and Banner performed another world premier composition Pasos Gatunos by the DC-based composer Michael Strand. This three-minute tango whose name translates catlike steps opens with a laughing saxophone that sounds much like Klezmer music....

The third premiere, a first performance in the United States, was Lost City by Stefan Meylaers. Meylaers is a Belgian composer noted for his free atonality. In Lost City, the lyric composition presents as fluidly and soothingly as a lullaby. Lundegard and Banner's performance fit hand-in-glove."
Karren L. Alenier,
The Washingtonpost


 "Upon entering, Lundegård took his first bow, and proceeded to fill the room with the most beautiful, richest sound ever produced by a saxophone that I have ever heard. . . Indeed, the evening was a spectacular exhibition of talent, showmanship and great music".

Doug Funk,
The Quad


"Opening the recital with the [Lars-Erik Larsson] Concerto, Lundegård, with Moffat at the piano, launched into the complexities of the first movement with great energy and elan, making easy work of fast-moving polyphony and syncopations.. . . [the second] movement also displayed Lundegård in his best light, requiring indisputable command of dynamics and breath."
Geofrey Shaw Monmouth,
The Sun - USA News

"Lundegård bravely fulfilled all the commands of this [Strata by Thomas Liljeholm] difficult score and succeeded in drawing the audience into its mesmerizing atmosphere. . . .Lundegård played Elegi [by Rolf Wallin] with an astonishingly liquid tone, reminiscent of the haunting Vocalise by Rachmaninoff."
Geofrey Shaw Monmouth,


...The divertimento was followed by Lars-Erik Larsson´s Konsert för Saxofon och Stråkorkester. With a refined sound, a vibrato which embellished his tone with the dimensions of the human voice, and of even more significance, with the talent for subtle nuances, Anders Lundegård succeeded in seducing his audience. Especially the elegiac atmosphere and deep poetry of the second movement brought tears to our eyes.
Ladis Müller,



















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