Anders Olof Lundegård


Anders Lundegard was born in Växjö, Sweden. As a student of Ronny Stensson, Dr. Lundegård made his debut as a solo performer at the age of seventeen performing at a broadcast youth artist festival in Stockholm. Further, Lundegård earned his undergraduate degree at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm where he also received two grants for studies abroad. He was a student of Christer Johnsson.


In September 1991, Lundegård arrived at Northwestern University as a Fulbright grantee to begin work on his Master's degree, which he completed in June 1992. In 1991 Lundegård also toured with the Swedish chamber orchestra Musica VitŠ, performing Larsson's Saxophone Concerto. Returning to Northwestern University, Lundegård completed his Certificate in Performance during 1992/93. The same year, as winner of the Solo Concerto Competition, Lundegård performed the Larsson Saxophone Concerto with the Northwestern University Chamber Orchestra. In the spring of 1994, Lundegård again performed the Saxophone Concerto by Larsson, this time with piano accompaniment at the Swedish museum in Chicago.


To assist his ambitions for developing the art of saxophone playing in Sweden as well as internationally, and for his promotion and performing of Swedish composers' music, Lundegård has been granted the following scholarships and awards.


Fulbright Commission, Stockholm. Scholarship for studies towards MasterÝs degree and Certificate in Performance at Northwestern University, Evanston, 1991/92, 1992/93.

Sweden - America Foundation, Stockholm. Sholarship award for Doctoral studies in the USA, 1993.

Helge Axelsson Johnssons Stiftelse, Stockholm. Scholarship award for Doctoral studies in the USA, 1994.

Landstinget i Kronobergs län, Växjö. Award for cultural achivements, 1994.

Konstnärsnämnden, Stockholm. Grant and award for excellence in studies abroad, 1992.

Kungliga Musikalisk Akademinen, Stockholm. Grants for studies abroad, 1988 and 1990.

Kulturnämnden, Växjö Kommun. Award for cultural achivements, 1988.


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